Prompts: Cattedrale

I’ve never done this before but here goes! (Prompt from a photo posted by the lovely Listen for the Reverb by V.C. Linde)


Image is © Piero Pizzi Cannella. Please don’t post this anywhere without the copyright attached.

Do you remember the days we’d spend, dancing on rainbows underneath the stained glass doors? Do you remember the way the sunlight would beam through the cathedral walls, capturing our essence within the dust particles it would illuminate? Did you see the glass shatter, leaving nothing but arched holes in our hearts? Did you see the colours seep away into the gutters, like the chalk drawings we used to paint on the pavement and then blast away with a hose? Did you even notice the shadows as they creeped silently into our souls, leaving nothing but a menacing abyss of broken memories that we once called home.


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Musings of a Procastinator

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